Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Smells Like Grease Spirit

Oh Bend. Bend, Oregon. As if sunshine and mountains and rivers and lakes and fantastic beer and happy people is not enough for one town, you also happen to have the most delectable waste vegetable oil in the western US. At least that's how I'll remember you.
With some fishing and the Flaming Lips show on Sunday (thank you again Les Schwab Amphiteater, you really are too kind for your own good), and a hiking/whitewater trip along the Deschutes with the family on Memorial Day, the task of procuring oil was put off 'til the last minute on monday evening. Luckily I had two assistants, David and Jayne's teenagers Sarah and Graham. People have humored me by going along on grease hunting missions (thanks Mom and Mike), but these kids were really excited. Lets go dig around dumpsters!
As it turned out we acheived the grease hunting equivalent of a hole-in one. The very first restaurant we looked at, a Japanese place just a stone's throw from the Mark family's house, was up to their ears in liquid gold. There 55 gallon drum was full, AND they have four cubies (those much coveted 5gal jugs) sitting in the alley. What a great score! You should have seen the kids' faces. Plus, it was crystal clear. And they were happy to give it to us. One stop, 35 gallons, good to go. Sarah and Graham helped me filter after dinner and had to be dragged away from the grease bucket at bedtime. I'm not making this up. Kids today love the used vegetable oil.

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