Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Across the River and Into Washington

Flo's ass is really hanging low, especially with all that delicious Bend grease in the back. I considered staying in Bend to get her fixed, but found a place in Anacortes, WA instead. That way I can take my bike on the ferry to Vancouver island while she gets her lift and tuck done.
The drive from Bend to Vancouver, Wa was a mix of ugly chain store strips and beautiful mountains and forest. It was nicely broken up by a quick scramble on the Pacific Crest Trail, near Mt. Hood. I then made my way to Aloha, OR to meet up with Brian, a guy who responded to my shameless internet plea for oil. When I turned onto his street I saw a horrific sight in his driveway: three cubies which should have been gleaming in the late day Oregon sun, were filled with cloudy, soupy oil. Apparently Brian uses half hydrogenated oil. He has a heated tank, unlike me, and has run thousands of miles. My post tank heating system should be enough to thin the McJuice, but I've never tried it. A reasonable person would have politely declined rather than experiment on a huge road trip. Not wanting to insult Brian and his generous offer, and overcome with a gambling spirit, I poured ten gallons of the pea soup in
my tank....
Trip stats so far:
2,030 miles
$15.40 fuel costs
1 creature killed (mourning dove)

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