Monday, November 05, 2007

Gear and Gears

For those interested in the adventures we take and the various risks involved, we've decided to post gear lists for some of these trips. The recent paddle on the outer coast of the Pacific and into the Strait of Juan de Fuca was not taken lightly. We undertook the paddle only after checking swell, wind, current, weather and tide charts and were prepared to turn around at any point. In addition to knowing the forecasts, we carried: a hypothermia kit in each boat (fleece top/bottom/hat/socks/lighter, enclosed in a dry bag); one tent and one sleeping bag and pad; two flashlights; flares on each person and a cell phone. We wore helmets, life jackets and were dressed to swim (drysuit or paddle tops and bottoms) and carried a waist-mounted tow rope.

Also, the Fried Piper is about to roll again. Here is a list of schools for the duration of the trip. We'll be seeing many old friends along the way and hope to meet many more, so let us know of PLUs (people like us) in the areas we're heading to.

Nov. 6--University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA
Nov. 7--Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA
Nov. 8--Pacific University, Forest Grove, OR

Nov. 12--Reed College, Portland, OR
Nov. 13--University of Portland
Nov. 14--Lewis and Clark College, Portland, OR
Nov. 15--Mt. Hood Community College, Portland

Nov. 19--University of Oregon, Eugene
Nov. 20--Southern Oregon University, Ashland

Nov. 26--California State University- Chico
Nov. 27--University of California Davis
Nov. 28--California State University Sacramento
Nov. 29--Bay School, San Francisco

Dec. 3--San Francisco State
Dec. 4/5--San Jose State
Dec. 6--University of California Santa Cruz


Scot said...

Post Office - Hood River
408 Cascade AVE
Hood River, OR 97031-7031

yo boys, your package will be mailed out today to the above general delivery
be well and enjoy all the data c/o MC Biomass

Anonymous said...

You guys are living the dream; I love catching up on your blog! I can't believe your still munchin on that salmon, I would of thought that to be gone a long time ago. Keep slayin it... IWLS style.

johnny said...

Jude Grounds is in Portland--he'd really dig the veggie bus. Try to check out Cascade Siskiyou National Monument in Southern OR, though I reckon you'll hit some of those many kickass W&S Rivers there. Chico is a real party school--watch your culos. Your visit to the bay will be timely with the oil spill--mix in a message about your fried piper vehicle. Don't forget Chicken there.