Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Campus Tour in Full Swing

We visited Western Washington University on Monday while our brakes were "fixed". Spoke to Jim Moore's class and were well received. Caught the bus back to the van and prepared a fine dinner of Alaskan clam and chantrelle pasta at the Chicken Ranch, with the family and Haines friends Scot"One T" Nichols, Coleus, and Meghan. A late night Mac session with One T set us up tech-wise and, after a bit of sleep, we were on the freeway again, down I-5 to Seattle Pacific University, where we spoke to the Outdoor Club. The Fried Piper got a bit of love from a Sikh body shop near Safeco Field, now ready for its glorious transformation

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CornDawg said...

Hey Now you greasers! Sounds like a fabulous adventure! I'm jealous of the compardionship. Antarctica is f&^$&^ing great! I leave for the deep field tomorrow for 3 weeks! Check out my blog
Safe travels to the pards in the Piper! Corn